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This page is dedicated to the call for activation for peace.  To remind us all to walk in grace and humility upon our planet.  To honor our feelings and sensitivities to what is pure and innocent.  A true 'brave' is one who has the clearest vision and the courage to answer to his conscience.  He then can take the actions necessary for right relationship to all kingdoms of this planet.

The desire for peace is a willingness to seek the vision to find the pain, and to have the courage to see it.  Once seen there is no turning back and the process of healing has begun.  This is the first step to finding peace.  The medicine wheel is here to guide us to balance and harmony.  Working with the Medicine Wheel we trust our inner power to the sun and hold true to the convictions of integrity.

Remember a true shaman holds his illumination as light as a child. 

The kingdom of dreams can only be seen through the eyes of a child.

Return to Innocence

The origins of the spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples on our planet are from the cosmic entity called the Solar Logos.  Divinity is radiated through the sun to the planets.  The sun and planets act as transmitters of  this force for the purpose of evolutionary consciousness.  The ancient ones of Egypt, and the gracious teachers of the East, honor the light of the sun within referred to as  ‘Chi.’  Many of the west  are starting to seek its value.  Some have taken up the practice of Martial Arts and Yoga.


  Remember,  before we begin to truly know the way of the Martial Priest, this  essence of its light is honored first....... Not for the power it will give us to conjure up when needed (that is of course quite useful now and then); but to acknowledge in sacredness the essence of the divine life-force within us. Such as the growing seedling as it focuses it’s Chi to the light of life and joy.  If we can imagine what that seedling’s face looks like it is definitely smiling.   Remember drawing pictures of flowers with smiling faces as a child?When one chooses to honor and be conscious of this force one takes a step beyond... a choice and commitment is made to seek the true Self identity.  In consenting to such a choice,  true sight and vision are birthed.   The sacred is 'seen' and there is a desire to communicate with spirit.  To want to walk and talk with this energy.  To live with the Force.  The component that is received from this marriage of self identity and vision is JOY.


     The peoples of this western hemisphere ‘the American Indian’ have a foundation in which to direct this Chi energy.  This blue print was utilized long ago when the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis existed.   Both civilizations utilized the power of the life-force and the blue print of what is  called the Medicine Wheel.  Both civilizations were very powerful and operated this process quite differently from each other.  It is now time for humanity to bring East and West together in a new way other than that of knowledge and power. 


  The powerful energy of the life-force is the Yang or male essence and counterpart to the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel  is the container  or chalice  & Yin, in which this Yang energy can flow through and be utilized within the dimension of this 4th world cycle on our planet earth.


     If we  truly desire to have peace we will focus our visions on this dream and we will clearly understand the convergence of the two ways as one.   This is the flow of the internal worlds of ‘within and without’ and the cosmic worlds ‘as above so below’ converging. 


  This Peace begins within each individual.  If peace is not found  within; how can there be peace found outside of oneself?  Our perceptions will always reveal to us what we are.


     You see in these times there are so many books that will fill your head with someone else's  conceptions.  We will continue to weigh and compare and as we are weighing and comparing, more and more books are coming out for us to read.  Isn't it  time to illuminate the  light, the sun,  from within us?     Yet, when there is more light it is hard as humans to adjust to this brilliance of light.  For Light facilitates a quickening,  growth and change.   One becomes so anxious to find out what is going to happen.  For much is being said at this time as to what will become of the planet and to human beings.     The most important process is  to grow as the seedling does with the light of the sun.   Does the seedling concern itself on what it is going to do once it breaks the surface?   Until the surface is broken,  will the situation reveal itself.     So it is with our growth.  We know within our divine knowingness that the Mother is here in Physical form through the reality of our planet, to nurture us.  So it is.  We need  not concern ourselves on deficiencies when we  are focused in full consciousness upon our journey in growth and the adventures  it brings us.


     We return now to the concepts of ‘desire and effort’........Desire generates through our sensory experiences.  If our experiences have been pleasurable, our senses will  activate a need to be fulfilled.  In a primal manner it is gratification.  In a spiritual manner it is life experiencing  beauty.  Without the senses the human cannot enjoy the physical existence.  The creators desire humans to enjoy life. ..... but, in right relations.   In honor and sacredness.  When one is honorable one will open the eyes to beauty with all the five senses attuned to a higher level of awareness.    A different dimension is experienced and we begin to step onto the path of the true human being

Golden Eagle, Totem of the Sun
From Webster's Dictionary:<Spirit-breath, courage, vigor, life.1.  The life principle, especially in man, originally regarded as an animating vapor infused by the breath or as bestowed by a deity.  2.  The thinking, motivating, feeling part of man, often as distinguished from the body, mind; intelligence.  3.   Life, will, consciousness, thought, etc., regarded as separate from matter.

When we are truly tuned into our Life force or Chi, we have a very conscious 'feeling' nature.  Our feelings are emphasized and honored, not ignored.  We can then see far beyond our fears and this vision is like our brother the eagle...expansive.   This insight gives us the exuberance and courage to soar beyond our limitations and seek the freedom we've always believed in our hearts of innocence and purity.  This is true direction.  What we all ask to be shown is our  purpose and truth.  Activated the sun/chi is empowerment, and coupled with Spirit, reign the principles of integrity and honor. 

The four winds hold this element of Spirit.  May the winds blow you in the direction of your true purpose and destiny.  Most importantly may you be strong in your will/Spirit to truly take the active steps upon this path of LIFE.




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