Sites of Interest

  • Gate House Retreat - Nestled at the foot of the timberline on Sacred Mount Shasta is the Sacred grounds of The Gate House Retreat. Proprietess Aida Hinojosa, priestess of the sacred earth holds this powerful energy for any who venture to participate in. A beloved friend of many years I have used only her sweatlodge to hold my annual Winter Solstice pilgrimage sweat. It is my home away from home. You will find this true if ever to experience it.

  • Temple of Isis Virginia City, Nevada - Founder Robert Miller. Robert has held this temple together with his many diversified studies of the ancient religions of the world. His ceremonies and rituals are an inspiration to be a part of. The use of ancient Egyptian text and language in the rituals are beautiful, profound and moving. All are welcome to these beautiful services.

  • Rosicrucian Order - One of the oldest and largest organized spiritual orders still in operation through ancient teachings.  The process of study and attunement is personal and individual yet, there are pronaos, chapters and lodges throughout the world to participate with.  The initiations and principals are as real and as solid as the pyramids in Egypt.
  • International University of Metaphysics- Founder Dr. Paul Leon Masters and president has created an curriculum of study focused on the world of metaphysics and the branches and specialties to walk a path of devotion and purpose.  The body of work entailed is geared for those that wish to live their lives through  ministry.  The organization is built to support the Minister and Reverend.
  • Witches Voice - I have been grateful to Witches Voice. They have supported me in my work through their networking services and I have met many wonderful pagan brothers and sisters through them. They are a wonderful gift to the alternative Spiritual Communities.
Let us increase the awareness of divinity through beauty and the sacred power of truth (love), and without barriers and judgments, a celebration to a higher consciousness can be experienced once more as it was in ancient times.


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