This page is dedicated to love, to manifesting                              
dreams through the action of healing  





Love is magic.  Love is Healing. Love IS

To answer to the call of love is a very courageous act.  For not everyone is
brave enough. We can all fantasize and dream about having love in our lives
but that's the easy side of love. The dream is what love calls to be lived. 
When love comes to our door we can open it or never answer because we
are afraid of what is on the other side. When we take the risks and have the
courage to hear it,  touch it, smell it, taste it, feel it, then we step out of our
fear and begin to live. Love is in everything but it shows its face best in the
manifested world. Everything, yes everything has been created through love
and the intent to be. The great Architect of the universe Egyptian god Ptah;
'willed' to take form.  This form was man and through this form he was creator.
From the deepest recesses of his heart he desired to express himself through
his voice to create.

When we create a work of art, a process, an instrument, a child etc, etc, we
are expressing our love.

Such creators have open hearts.  Such love is so needed in our world.  There is no holding back with love.  When we choose to have it and
hold it in our lives we are the agents of its blessings. Such courageous beings
have been willing to have their hearts break through love and still try love
again and again and again.  Each time a new understanding of love emerges
and a healing takes place.  Each time we are willing to be with it, we are willing
to be healed.  If we continue to heal we have a greater and greater capacity to
feel love and see love and give love. Some say that it is important to heal so
we are empowered, strong, vibrant and conscious.  I say that the
simplest, noblest, most powerful and quickest way to enlightenment, is through
love's healing. Through love our words are kind and loving, healing and inspiring.
Through love our actions are supportive, nurturing and cleansing.  Through love
our lives are blessed.

This page is dedicated to love, to manifesting dreams through
the action of healing.

Love is the action of opening the heart to vulnerability and expression and the action
of compassion and embracing tenderness to our expressions. I've realized
the whole purpose of our lives is to love.  It doesn't matter what we have, what
we have learned or are working with or rather doing, if we are not sharing our
lives with another or other beings, we will be searching. We may understand
many theories and hypothesis, but we will never 'know'... There is a meaningful
chant done at the very end of the  wonderful Arabian Night musical "Kismet"
(destiny/or Fate) by Robert Wright and George Forrest.
The Poet Hajj sings:

Princes come, Princes go, an hour of pomp and show . they know
Princes come, and over the sands, and over the sands of time, they go!
Wise men come ever promising the riddle of life to know:
Wise men come, Ah,.. but over the sands, the silent sands of time, They
Lovers come, lovers go, And all that there is to know. Lovers know,
Only Lovers Know!.

Yes, lovers see with different eyes.  They see with the magic of reality
beyond the illusions of the mundane world.  Unfortunately all the great
love stories come to a tragic end because the search for the authentic self
is traumatized by the power and strength of society.  Joseph Campbell states
that the  myths of the great love stories are about the soul finding its
autonomy apart from society.  Its true self.  Such as true love.
When the soul seeks that presence, then life will be looked upon very differently.  The illusions of the world are so pronounced that the aspirant has
such a struggle to sustain his vision. This can be done. It has been done.
Most of the time it has not been done, as we can see by the many tragic tales of love.
But if the aspirant is strong and courageous.. as a great warrior of the
heart, to believe its truth, that ideal of love, he/she is free. The world is then
theirs, they have detached themselves from the monstrous wheel of time and

I encourage you to joyfully venture into this reality, into this beauty, into this

May Peace, Love, Joy and the Kingdom of your dreams be yours.. if you try.



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