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Diveena as Artist

Art and music have been an intrigal part of Diveena's entire life. From an early age her interest in people lead her into sketching portraits. "I remember being more a part of my parents gatherings at our home by sketching portraits of the guests and giving them as gifts upon their departures." At the age of 10 Diveena was asked to be in a special art program in Europe. At the end of this program she created a paper mural and dedicated it to Michaelangelo. It was honored by being put up in the school. "From that point on I knew I had a passion for art in the larger format."

Diveena attended the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles and worked as a sample maker and tailor in Beverly Hills. She has worked in repertory and professional theatre as costume builder and designer, sound and lighting tech and properties, set building, make-up, stage managing and acting. Her credits in performance has been in Light Opera, and the classics in San Diego and Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Los Angeles, CA.

Her music credits go to classical voice training under Robert Austin director of the San Diego opera. Diveena was featured in various opera and operetta roles. She sang with a quartet called the 'Dulcet' singers in CA under the direction of Helen Sydell. Diveena formed a 6 piece Jazz Band 'Cabachon' which performed in wineries, fine restaurants and was featured in the Russian River Jass Festival in Guerneville CA. Diveena also studied the viola for many years in her youth through Junior HS and college as a member of orchestras and symphonies.

Diveena's true art form surfaced after her dedication to her spiritual path as priestess. "I made a committment to a spiritual path in the 1980's and my life reflected back to me a creative face. As an American Native Indigenous person I wish to portray the Divine in all peoples and the inspiration and great beauty they bestow upon the planet. I am extremely grateful and honored to share my work."

Diveena's work has been exhibited in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose CA, Idaho State University, University of Hilo in Hawaii, Ottawa Univerity in Canada and various exhibitions and shows throughout the US. Many pieces have found homes in international collections.

Her original work can be viewed in Patricia's Transitions in Hawaii. Her prints are offered through the internet and various retail stores in Hawaii and the mainland. All forms of her work can be viewed and experienced at events and Pow Wows she attends. (look in event schedule)

She has also produced a music CD 'White Lotus' of devotional sacred songs and chants in dedication to the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. This collection inspired a music and dance production 'Isis Dance' in which Diveena has written, directed and produced in California and Hawaii.


As Advocate

Diveena facilitates sacred circle
on all of the ‘holy’ days of changes. She conducts presentations in the venue of her art and music, in particular, story telling based upon Ancient archetypes both Egyptian and Native American and their influences. Diveena is a legal minister licensed in California and Hawaii. She is also a graduate Metaphysical Minister from the International University of Metaphysics in Sedona.

Diveena has been a Reiki Master and has been working with herbs and essential oils for over 17 years in ceremonial uses and for healing medicine.

Diveena has a BA degree in Philosophy and an academic certificate in Women's Studies she received from the Univesrity of Hawaii. She received an MA degree in Native American Studies from Montana State University.

Diveena believes the strongest foundation of her practice is from her indigenous heritage and the elders who are connected to ancient wisdom.   Their sacred awareness of honoring  the Spirit of the Medicine Wheel is the spiral of harmony and the blue print for all life on Planet Earth. 

"I know this attributes to my genetic inheritance from my mother who is a wise Indian woman with knowledge of herbs and their medicines".

Diveena is a Coast Miwok Federated Amerindian from California and also from the Cherokee nation. 

She has been gifted by the Creators to manifest a sacred tool ‘LifeForce’ and other mandalas of the Lotus energies to use and to share with all peoples. This tool helps to educate and practice the sacred hoop and the honoring of the four directions in life and prayer.

Diveena has always facilitated non fee ceremonies i.e. SweatLodge and seasonal ceremonies at sacred Mount Shasta every Winter Solstice, and journeys to Pele on sacred Mount Kilauea in Hawaii in the Summer by invitation only.

Diveena has lived in Europe, North America, the South Pacific and traveled extensively throughout the world. These experiences have helped to broaden her perspective for social and compassionate work.

In the secular world Diveena has endured a lengthy career in the promotional and marketing fields.




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